Join the digital journey

Friday, January 11, 2013
Lisa Schlichtman, co-publisher

If you're not moving forward, you're falling behind is an adage that has proven to be especially true in the digital age. The ever-evolving world of technology has been the driving force behind revolutions in the global marketplace and has fueled a major shift in the newspaper industry.

The digital revolution has also impacted our educational system as schools learn to teach a new generation of digital learners. No school has embraced technology more than the Monett R-1 School District. In 2012, the district institued the "1: World" learning initiative, which placed a laptop computer in the hands of every Monett High School student -- a major step forward for a district that is nothing short of visionary.

In keeping with its commitment to staying up with technology, the district has announced the launch of a new digital "Cub Pride" newsletter. The new communications tool replaces a PDF newsletter that has been sent via email to over 300 individuals since its inception in 2008.

In today's issue of The Monett Times, we have included an article written by Superintendent Brad Hanson, explaining the motivation for producing a digital newsletter. The overriding goal of Cub Pride is to help forge a stronger connection betweeen the community and the school district by presenting news and information in a more accessible, more user-friendly way. Another goal of the newsletter is to direct community members to the district's website at monett.schoolfusion.us.

Mr. Hanson's article appears on page 2 of today's paper. I hope you'll take the time to read it and respond by subscribing to the newsletter. In his article, Mr. Hanson writes, "we believe the district website should be the communication 'hub' for the school district." In the same way, we believe The Monett Times' newspaper and its website (www.monett-times.com) should be the information "hub" for the community. In the spirit of shared goals, the newspaper is partnering with the Monett R-1 District to help promote the new and improved Cub Pride newsletter.

Each Friday, we'll be printing an article from the newsletter to get the word out about what the newsletter has to offer and extend its reach. At the bottom of each article will be an invitation to subscribe to the newsletter, and we are providing a subscription link on the home page of our website for the convenience of our readers.

In recent years, The Monett Times has worked hard to find a balance between our printed product and new online and social media initiatives. In the digital age, newspapers must provide news through a variety of platforms to reach all segments of the community. Our print edition is still our franchise, but we have also been working hard to enhance our website to offer up-to-the-minute news coverage as well as connecting with readers through Facebook and Twitter.

We hope the community will join us on this digital journey. We are proud to be Monett's community newspaper, and we are excited for the opportunity to partner with the Monett R-1 District on its latest initiative.