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Area schools to celebrate Red Ribbon Week

Friday, October 19, 2012

The annual Red Ribbon Week activities will be held at school campuses across the bi-county area. Planned activities promote drug and alcohol-free lifestyles with a focus on educating children on how to counteract peer pressure. The theme this year is "The Best Me Is Drug Free."

Monett Schools

Monett Middle School will hold its activities Oct. 23 through Oct. 26.

Tuesday will be "Tip your hat to being drug-free" day with everyone wearing his or her favorite hats. Wednesday has been named "I'm too COOL for drugs" with everyone wearing sunglasses. Thursday will be "Stay in the game, be drug free." It is purple and gold day with the eighth grade students wearing purple and the seventh grade students wearing fold. There will also be a spirit stick challenge.

Friday will be named "Be part of a drug-free pair" and students are asked to dress as twins or pairs. Also on Friday there will be a cookout for lunch offering free hot dogs. During the fifth hour, seventh grade students will go to lunch first and then report to the gymnasium. The eighth grade students will report to the gymnasium then go to lunch. There will be activities in the gym and no fifth hour class on Friday.

Central Park Elementary will hold Red Ribbon Week activities Oct. 29 through Nov. 1. The focus is to encourage students to commit to a healthy and drug-free lifestyle.

On Monday, the theme will be "Don't Let Drugs Turn You Inside Out." Students can wear shirts inside out.

Tuesday is "Give Drugs the Slip," with students wearing slippers. Wednesday will be "Sock it to Drugs Day," and students can wear crazy socks.

Thursday will be "Boot Out Drugs Day" and students can wear boots. On Friday, students are asked to wear red in support of Red Ribbon Week.

A special assembly will be held on Friday. Amy Short and Steve Craig will visit Central Elementary to present the program, "The Magic of No!" Following the assembly, students will be given an opportunity to make a pledge to live a drug-free life. Signed banners will be displayed in the building throughout the year.

Monett Elementary School is hosting Red Ribbon Week activities Oct. 29 through Nov. 2.

On Monday, Oct. 29 the theme will be "Drugs Turn You Inside Out" and students will wear their clothes inside out. There will be a discussion during morning celebrations about making positive choices. Children will get to visit Safety Town, where the students will learn about personal safety in a variety of situations.

Students will be given a sticker each day that will show the theme of the day.

On Tuesday, Oct. 30 the theme will be "Stay In the Game." The students can wear team sport clothing.

Wednesday, Oct. 31 will be "Follow Your Dreams, Say No To Drugs." Students will wear pajamas to show support for a healthy lifestyle. No nightgowns are allowed.

Thursday, Nov. 1 will be "Hair's to a Drug-Free Life." Students will have crazy hair day and are allowed to use the temporary spray coloring on the hair. Teachers will also have some temporary spray coloring that can be put in the student's hair with parent's permission.

On Friday, Nov. 2 the theme will be "Show Your School Spirit, Be Drug-Free." Students are asked to show school spirit by wearing school colors.

Monett Intermediate School will hold Red Ribbon activities Oct. 23 through Oct. 29.

On Tuesday, Oct. 23 students are asked to wear their favorite hat for "Hats Off to Being Drug Free." Wednesday will be "Being Drug Free is No Sweat." Students will wear favorite sweatshirts or a tracksuit.

On Thursday, Oct. 25 the theme will be "Howdy Pardner, Let's be Drug Free!" Students can wear western wear. On Friday students can wear a favorite team shirt for the theme "Team Up against Bullying and Drugs."

On Monday, Oct. 29 students are asked to wear red for "Let's Be Drug and Bully Free."

Monett High School will celebrate Red Ribbon Week beginning Oct. 29. Students will be dedicated to helping citizens across the state to come together to keep children, families and communities safe, healthy and drug-free. This year the focus will be on the dangers of texting and driving.

On Oct. 30, Monett High School will host an assembly and speaker. A docudrama will also be held for the student body. There will be giveaways and pledges for students throughout the week.

St. Lawrence

St. Lawrence Catholic School of Monett will hold its Red Ribbon Week celebration Oct. 22 through Oct. 26.

Monday will be pennant day and students will create pennants with drug-free slogans. Tuesday will be team up against drugs and students can wear jerseys.

Wednesday will be "Scare Drugs away with Crazy Hair Day." Thursday will be "Dress like a Famous Person Day" and Friday will be "Wake up Drug Free" with students wearing pajamas.

Purdy Schools

Purdy R-2 Schools will use the theme "Eagles Elect to be Drug Free," during its Red Ribbon Week, which will be celebrated Oct. 22 through Oct. 25.

Purdy Elementary will have a poster contest about drug abuse awareness. Kindergarten through third grade will receive coloring activity books in the "Elect to be Drug Free" theme.

The middle and high school will hear a presentation about drug abuse awareness from the Cassville police chief, Dana Kammlohr, as part of abuse awareness day on Oct. 19, created by Purdy's Family, Community and Career Leaders of America Chapter.

Each day during Red Ribbon Week will have a dress-up theme.

Pierce City Schools

Pierce City Elementary will celebrate Red Ribbon Week Oct. 23 through Oct. 26.

On Oct. 23, students are asked to wear crazy socks for "Sock it to Drugs." Oct. 24 the theme will be "Turn your back on Drugs." Students will wear clothes backward.

Oct. 25 will be Red Ribbon Day and students are asked to wear red clothes. On Oct. 26 the theme is "Stomp out Drugs" and students are asked to wear mismatched shoes.

Verona Schools

Verona Elementary School will celebrate Red Ribbon Weed from Oct. 23 through Oct. 26. The school theme is "Wildcats Pledge to Drug Free."

Presentations will be presented by Julie Rysted, guidance counselor, to kindergarten through sixth grade students.

On Tuesday, Oct. 23, faculty and students are encouraged to wear boots and western attire for "Give Drugs the Boot" day. On Wednesday the theme is "Put a Cap on Drugs." Everyone is asked to wear his or her favorite hat.

Thursday is "Be All You Can Be, Be Drug Free," with students and faculty dress in camouflage. On Friday the theme is "Team Up Against Drugs." Students and faculty are asked to wear a favorite jersey.

Treats will be distributed daily to celebrate Red Ribbon Week.

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