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Book offers hope, inspiration to married couples

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Willadean Logan knows what true love is -- she was married to her soul mate, Keith, for 65 years.

Logan, who lives in Aurora, wrote the book, "Can Two Walk Together," based solely upon her recollections of the years she spent with her husband, helpmate and friend.

"He was the love of my life," Logan said. "We grew to the point that we thought alike and could finish each other's sentences."

The couple met during high school and then World War II came along and Keith joined the military.

"He wanted to be a Marine, but he was color blind," Willadean said. "He joined the Seabees instead."

After he was discharged from the military, the couple married.

"I was just 18," Willadean said. "He was 20. We really didn't know what we were doing. We were young. I think we wondered if we were doing the right thing."

But the couple was never alone in their marriage.

"We talked about it," Willadean said. "Through all of the trials and tribulations, we trusted God to get us through. We could absolutely not have made it without the Lord."

Willadean described their marriage as a triangle, with she and her husband at the base and God at the pinnacle.

"We had a great life together," Willadean said.

That life includes three children, five grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

Her husband was diagnosed with cancer, and he went into the battle with the same spirit that had gotten him through so many other challenges in life.

"He said he was going to beat it," Willadean said. "In the eight and a half months from the time he was diagnosed until he passed, he kept saying he was going to beat it.

"He finally recognized he was losing the battle," she continued.

The final eight days of Keith's life were spent surrounded by family who alternated talking to him and singing his favorite hymns.

"We told him it was okay to let go," Willadean said.

After Keith's death, her oldest child asked for more information on the early days of her parents married life.

"I learned to use a computer," Willadean said. "It's easier than a typewriter. Even with the lapses in memory and the mistakes, I hope it can be used toward some good."

Willadean is convinced that the concept of marriage is God's idea.

"How can you take two people from different backgrounds, upbringing and ideas and have them live in harmony?" she asked. "It can't happen without God.

"Sometimes my husband and I were more in love than we were at other times," Willadean said, "but we had a strong faith."

Willadean had written an earlier book, "How My Parents Developed a Character," describing what it was like to grow up in an era without plumbing or electricity, which was published for members of her family.

"Keith loved that book and begged me to write another," Willadean said. "I finally felt the Lord urging me to do it. Keith won't be surprised that I'm two years late with it."

"Can Two Walk Together" was deliberately written without identifying names and dates of those still living.

It is available from Author House, a self-publishing company out of Bloomington, Ind., and through Amazon.com at a cost of $14.95 plus shipping. If ordered through Willadean, the cost is $12.95 and shipping is free. To purchase the book locally, call 417-678-6847.

"It's my hope that someone who needs the message will get it from my book," Willadean said. "We were so young, so immature. It was a good thing to have someone directing us."

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