Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Remembering the Casino

Friday, August 31, 2012

Dear Editor:

I noticed in your Aug. 16 issue that the Monett City Park Casino was being demolished.

It saddens me some to see this landmark destroyed. It brings back a special memory that occurred there when I was in the seventh grade.

I was born and raised in Monett and attended school there through the eighth grade. The year I was in the seventh grade, the Lions Club sponsored a contest for students to learn the Gettysburg Address and would provide a nice prize.

As one of my interests in those days was the Civil War, it was easy for me to memorize it. Once I notified my teacher, Ms. Cobb, she informed them and a time was set up at their next meeting for me to recite it.

My father drove me over to the Casino that evening. When I was introduced, I was not the least bit nervous. I stood straight up and recited the address without any hesitation. The men were amazed I had learned it so fast.

When I finished, they passed around the neatest little bank that registered what was put in with a running total. When it was handed to me, I noticed the total showed a whopping $16.85. To me, at that age, that was a ton of money. I kept that little bank and gave it to my son on his 16th birthday.

Just one of many fond memories of Monett.

Bob Russell

Idabel, Okla.