Springfield, MO- Livestock Marketing Center: Cow and Bull Auction Close for 8/06/2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Receipts: 746    Last Week:  784    Last Year:  314

   Compared to last Monday, slaughter cows sold 2.00-4.00 higher and slaughter
bulls sold 2.00 higher. Most of the area received rain and are looking forward to 
cooler temperatures for the following week, while producers try to hold on to their 
herds. A very high percent of the offering went to slaughter, while most cow/calf 
pairs were also split. Most all of the bred cows were sold for slaughter, except 
for the better quality that were returned to the farm. Supply was heavy and demand 
was good for slaughter classes. 

   Slaughter Cows:
             Pct Lean    Avg Dressing   High Dressing   Low Dressing
Breaking     70-80       74.00-78.00    81.50-85.00     few 70.00
Boning       80-85       73.00-81.50    80.00-86.50     70.00-74.00
Lean         85-90       67.00-73.00    75.00-80.00     55.00-63.00

   Slaughter Bulls:  Yield Grade 1-2  1350-2175 lbs 95.00-100.50; high
dressing 99.50-104.50; low dressing 85.00-93.00.

   Bred Cows:  Medium and Large 1-2  2-7 yrs 2nd and 3rd stage 1080-1445 lbs 
950.00-1275.00, 1st stage few 760-890 lbs 600.00-650.00, 925-1138 lbs 750.00-900; 
short and solid mouth 2nd and 3rd stage 945-1193 lbs 825.00-975.00 per head.
   Cow/Calf Pairs:  Medium and Large 1-2  2 years old to short and solid mouth
1000-1400 lb cows with babies to 300 lb calves 1100.00-1350.00.  Medium 3  2 yrs  
old pkg 650 lbs with 200 lb calves 850.00 per pair.

Source:  MO Dept of Ag/USDA Market News Service, Springfield, MO
         LeAnn Monroe Market Reporter, 573-751-5618
         24 Hour Market line number 1-573-522-9244

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