Summertime in Monett--lots to do

Friday, June 22, 2012

There is no organized promotional campaign for Monett as the place to come during the summer. In spite of this, Monett has more major events than any other bi-county community.

There's the Strawberry Festival at the beginning of June. After two years, the festival is showing staying power. It's a good opener for the three summer months.

Monett's biggest annual celebration is the July 4th bash at South Park, which draws more people to one place than any other event in the city all year long.

An even longer tradition is the Jaycees' carnival, which will be held July 18 through July 21. This feel-good event never loses its fascination for young people, who remain enthralled generation after generation by its rides and games.

There are various sporting events taking place in great quantity. This year the Monett WaterThrashers will bring in teams on July 14 and July 15 to the municipal pool at South Park.

The ballfields at North Park have been a beehive of activity since the spring. Teams from all over the area come to play there.

There were even more summer activities in past years. The Monett Junior Livestock Show has drawn many farm families to town to exhibit livestock. Babe Ruth baseball tournaments have attracted hundreds of families to North Park from across the state for championship action.

The Monett Area YMCA's Summer Odyssey program also draws children to town for a range of summer fun events.

Each of these events has its own promotional effort. Collectively, they send out a big message. Many communities have fall festivals, but the summer months belong to Monett.

And yet that message is mostly unspoken. How much more successful could Monett become with a concentrated effort to promote the summer events? Other towns may have their one weekend of the year to shine. Monett has more to offer, especially in the summer. The message just needs to be told with a welcome mat on the doorway.