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Senior honors announced for MHS grads

Monday, May 21, 2012

Fifty members of the Class of 2012 at Monett High School, shown above, completed the A+ requirements to qualify for benefits under the state program, including free tuition at a two-year college. In the front row, from left, are: Alivia Gilliam, Patricia Campbell, Nicollette Fellwock, Laramie Ellis, Emily Copening, Carlin Ballay, Jackson Burnside, Jared Childress, Daniel Bryan, Connor Kimzey and Grant Lay. Second row: Leanna Marion, Stacy Rutherford, Lauren Head, Lauren Jenkins, Rita Gonzalez, Morgan Huntress, Jordan Hancock, Alexander Hall, Mayra Guerra, Mindy Kilgore and Nick Johnson. Third row: Vanessa Schoon, Kaitlyn Nickell, Jessica Schad, Ricardo Ortega, Ashley Schmidly, Isaac Weber, Fabiola Rodriguez, Marcela Rangel, Mackenzie Lay, Elise Meyer and Kenzie Jenkins. Row four: Alejandra Salas, Megan Shearburn, Jessica Schmidt, Madison Schmidt, Carley Tilley, Zack Irwin, Juan Renteria, Carter Huffmaster, Tyler Webb, Jarred Witt and Jerica Wiseman. Fifth row: Skye Brabant, Samantha Vore, Tylar Strouse, Darian Shields, Rocio Valenciano and Esbeidy Vela. [Times Photo by Murray Bishoff]
Achievements by Monett High School students during the year were announced at the annual Senior Honors Assembly, held on Monday in the school commons.

Kale Turner received honorable mention by the Missouri Scholars 100.

Missouri State High School Activities Association Outstanding Athlete Awards of excellence were presented to Cristobal Renteria and Madison Schmidt.

Top band awards were announced. Bobby Mobley received the John Philip Sousa Award as top senior. Daniel Bryan received the Patrick Gilmore Award, the second senior award for service and musicianship. Angel Townsend received the Louis Armstrong Award as the top jazz band student.

Kale Turner and Isaac Weber, senior members of the Academic Team, received Academic Team service awards.

Yearbook awards recognized Jordan VanLue and Claudia Martinez for their work as editors; Chloe Ridgley as business manager, and Nicollette Fellwock and Samantha Vore as senior staff members.

The George Washington Carver Award was presented to the top 10 percent of the graduating senior class. Recipients, in alphabetical order, are: Hope Caselman, Emily Copening, Jacob Fair, Nicollette Fellwock, Hunter Glouse, Mackenzie Lay, Elise Meyer, Robert Mobley, Marcela Rangel, Chloe Ridgley, Madison Schmidt, Carley Tilley, Kale Turner and Isaac Weber.

Students of the Month during the year were: Kale Turner, Maddie Schmidt, Jacob Fair, Stacy Rutherford, Bobby Mobley, Leanna Marion, Carter Huffmaster, Laramie Ellis, Eddie Cervantes, Lauren Head, Chris Renteria, Hope Caselman, Tyler Webb, Jessica Schad, Alex Hall and Morgan Huntress.

President's awards

The President's Education Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence recognized students who maintained a grade point average of 10.0 on the 11.0 scales over seven semesters and scored in the 85th percentile or higher on the math and reading portions of the college entrance exams. Recipients were Carlin Ballay, Jackson Burnside, Jacob Fair, Elise Meyer, Cristobal Renteria, Ricardo Salas, Ashley Schmidly, Madison Schmidt, Carley Tilley, Kale Turner, Tyler Webb and Isaac Weber.

The President's Award for Educational Outstanding Academic Achievement was presented to students showing outstanding educational growth, commitment and intellectual development but not qualifying for the Excellence Award. Recipients were: Faith Caselman, Hope Caselman, Jared Childress, Emily Copening, Nicollette Fellwock, Hunter Glouse, Jordan Hancock, Carter Huffmaster, Nicholas Johnson, MacKenzie Lay, Robert Mobley, Marcela Rangel, Juan Renteria, Chloe Ridgley, James Ross, Stacy Rutherford, Ryan Saunders and Emma Verstraete.

Academic letters

Students who maintained a 9.0 grade point average every quarter for the previous four quarters qualified for an academic letter. First year recipients were presented with a certificate and a letter. Others received a certificate and a bar.

First year winners were: Elizabeth Crothers, Shelby Daughterty, Logan Faber, Lauren Jenkins, Leanna Marion, Daniel McVay, Logan Morris, Kelsey Patterson, Fabiola Rodriguez, Vanessa Schoon, Darian Shields and Rocio Valenciano.

Second year winners were: Faith Caselman, Hope Caselman, Laramie Ellis, Hannah George, Tyler Green, James Ross, Ryan Saunders and Jordan VanLue.

Third year winners were: Melinda Kilgore and Emma Verstraete.

Fourth year winners were: Carlin Ballay, Bryan Beckwith, Jackson Burnside, Josephine Chavez, Jared Childress, Emily Copening, Jacob Fair, Nicollette Fellwock, Hunter Glouse, Mayra Guerra, Jordan Hancock, Carter Huffmaster, Morgan Huntress, Mackenzie Lay, Elise Meyer, Robert Mobley, Marcela Rangel, Cristobal Renteria, Juan Renteria, Chloe Ridgley, Stacy Rutherford, Ricardo Salas, Ashley Schmidly, Madison Schmidt, Carley Tilley, Kale Turner, Tyler Webb, Isaac Weber and Jarred Witt.

Twenty-nine seniors earned a cumulative grade point average of 8.0 or better for all four years but did not qualify for an academic letter. They were: Alison Bekas, Skye Brabant, Matt Bricker, Daniel Bryan, Jeff Craft, Jennifer Eggert, Sophie Fulton, Alivia Gilliam, Alex Hall, Lauren Head, Alejandra Hernandez, Zack Irwin, Kenzie Jenkins, Nicholas Johnson, Rachel Kelso, Hannah Kingrey, Grant Lay, Kaitlyn Nickell, Ana Rivera, Jessica Schad, Jessica Schmidt, Megan Shearburn, Travis Thompson, Angel Townsend, Leticia Vasquez, Esbeidy Vela, Samantha Vore, Chandler Wammack and Jerica Wiseman.

A+ completers

Forty-seven seniors completed requirements to receive benefits through the state's A+ program. A+ benefits include free tuition to a participating two-year college.

Students meeting the requirements were: Carlin Ballay, Skye Brabant, Daniel Bryan, Jackson Burnside, Patricia Campbell, Jared Childress, Emily Copening, Laramie Ellis, Nicollette Fellwock, Alivia Gilliam, Rita Gonzalez, Mayra Guerra, Alexander Hall, Jordan Hancock, Lauren Head, Carter Huffmaster, Morgan Huntress, Zackery Irwin, Kenzie Jenkins, Lauren Jenkins, Nicholas Johnson, Melinda Kilgore, Connor Kimzey, Grant Lay, Mackenzie Lay, Leanna Marion, Elise Meyer, Kaitlyn Nickell, Marcela Rangel, Juan Renteria, Fabiola Rodriguez, Stacy Rutherford, Ricardo Salas, Jessica Schad, Ashley Schmidly, Jessica Schmidt, Madison Schmidt, Vanessa Schoon, Tylar Strouse, Carley Tilley, Rocio Valenciano, Esbeldy Vela, Samantha Vore, Tyler Webb, Isaac Weber, Jerica Wiseman and Jarred Witt.

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