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Sales tax totals show some gains

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sales tax disbursements to the bi-county area showed strength continuing from retail trade at the end of 2011. Revenue to cities and counties recorded an overall 8 percent gain over January 2011.

Income from Monett's sales taxes hit a snag due to the discovery that a manufacturer's exemption for electricity sales had not been factored in for the past two and a half years. A city employee discovered the city had been paying the state more tax than necessary.

"The total amount of the refund was $423,430.82," Pyle said. "It affects sales taxes charged in Barry County. The overpayment did not affect any customers, because they weren't billed for the taxes on electricity. The city's reporting system showed the tax on electricity being due without factoring in the manufacturer's exemption."

Money that the city had been paying to the state was refunded and transferred from the general fund to the electric fund. Pyle said the reduced payment would factor down what the city receives in the future. It also represented an estimated $59,280 overpaid to Barry County on its taxes and $14,820 overpaid to Barry County 911.

The Department of Revenue reduced the January disbursements slightly and appeared set to deduct most of the overpayment from the February sales tax distribution. Pyle expected the March disbursement would represent the new normal numbers for Monett.

Monett's two taxes for the general fund received $147,054.17, up $1,511.12 from last January but still $2,000 under the 2010 level. After 10 months, Monett's fiscal year total for the general fund is $1,549,293.16, up 10 percent from the previous year's pace.

Receipts from Monett's half-cent capital improvements tax and quarter-cent tax to pay off the Justice Center were down for the month. Total receipts coming to the city were down almost $1,200 from January 2011.

Pierce City's two taxes for the general fund generated $9,429.41 in January, a new record and up $2,017.19 from the previous January. The nine-month fiscal year total of $76,305.87 is up 47 percent with a full year of both taxes combined.

Receipts for Pierce City's other four sales taxes were up about 25 percent from January 2011.

Purdy's one-cent sales tax for the general fund produced $5,844.27, up $1,645.70 from a year ago, the low point in the economic downturn. Purdy's sales tax receipts have shown growth in five of the last six months.

The seven-month fiscal year total of $36,501.03 for Purdy's general fund tax is 11 percent better than a year ago, but $1,000 under the pace from two years ago. Three years ago when Purdy's sales tax generated record income, receipts were nearly double the current year.

Purdy's other two taxes had receipts up 41 percent from January 2011.

Verona's one-cent sales tax for the general fund generated $2,428.74 in January, down $82.43 from a year ago. Verona's three taxes were down a total of $164.93 for the month. It was the third time in the last six months Verona's taxes have dropped below the previous year.

Verona's 10-month fiscal year total is at $28,006.46, up 16 percent from the previous year's pace.

Total sales tax receipts to the bi-county area, not counting the Barry County 911 tax, was $1,400,623.29 in January, up 8 percent from a year ago.

The seven Barry County cities with sales taxes generated $421,701.89, up 2 percent. All the towns except for Exeter, Wheaton and Monett bested the January 2011 sums.

The six Lawrence County cities received $337,281.63 in January, up 10 percent from a year ago. Only Verona failed to top the total from January 2011.

Each of Barry County's two half-cent sales taxes produced 7 percent more income in January than a year ago. Each of Lawrence County's three half-cent taxes yielded 16 percent more.

The Barry County 911's eighth of a cent tax produced $72,627.35 in January, up 3 percent from a year ago.

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