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Bi-county voters follow state trends

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Less than 15 percent of Monett voters cast ballots in Tuesday's election. Voting was steady throughout the day at Monett's Barry County polling place at the City Park Casino. [Times Photo by Murray Bishoff]
Barry and Lawrence County voters followed the statewide trend in yesterday's presidential preference vote. Republicans threw their support to former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum both locally and statewide. As expected, President Barack Obama held a high margin among the Democrats.

Barry County

In all, a total of 5,080 Barry County voters participated in Tuesday's election. Of those, 3,930 voted Republican and 848 voted Democrat. Rick Santorum and President Barack Obama were the big winners locally.

Santorum received 52.06 percent of the Republican vote while Mitt Romney picked up 22.26 percent of the vote.

Other Republican candidates who received votes were: Ron Paul, 499; Herman Cain, 55; Rick Perry, 54; Michele Bachmann, 34; Jon Huntsman, 11; Gary Johnson, nine; and Michael J. Meehan and Keith Drummond, four each. A total of 339 Republican ballots were marked "uncommitted."

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich did not file to have his name on the Missouri ballot.

In Monett, Santorum received 198 votes or 52 percent, while Romney had 108 or 28 percent, his highest margin in any precinct. Ron Paul had 34 votes or 9 percent. Uncommitted voters cast 26 votes or 7 percent. Rick Perry had six votes, Michele Bachmann had four, Herman Cain had three, and Keith Drummond and Jon Huntsman each received one.

In the Purdy/McDowell precinct, Santorum received 187 votes or 62 percent. Romney had 52 for 17 percent while Ron Paul had 36 for 12 percent.

Santorum also had over 50 percent of the votes in 12 precincts, carrying the widest margin at 71 percent in Capps Creek.

On the Democrat ticket, President Obama garnered 78.42 percent of the local vote. Randall Terry was a very distant second, winning only 2.95 percent of the votes.

John Wolfe had 12 votes while Darcy G. Richardson had seven votes. There were 139 Democrat voters who marked "uncommitted" on their ballot.

In Monett, Obama had 40 votes or 89 percent, his highest margin in any precinct. He also topped 80 percent in Cassville City, Golden, Jenkins, Purdy, Roaring River, Shell Knob and Washburn precincts and among absentee ballots.

Nineteen county voters chose a Libertarian ballot. Of those votes, 18 were uncommitted, and one voted for James Orland Ogle in each precinct.

Voter turnout among the county's 18 precincts ranged from a low of 14.48 percent in Monett to a high of 47.09 percent in Shell Knob.

There were 199 absentee votes case in the primary. In the presidential primary, absentee voters supported Romney (35.71 percent) and Obama (78.42 percent).

Republicans will select their delegates committed to specific candidates in the county caucus at 7:30 p.m. on March 13 at the Crowder College Cassville Campus.

Lawrence County

In Lawrence County, turnout totaled 2,773 votes or 11.59 percent.

Among the Republicans, Santorum had 1,603 votes or 64 percent. Romney had 470 or 18.7 percent. Paul had 247 or 10 percent.

Other candidates received less than 1 percent of the vote. Cain and Perry each had 21 votes. Bachmann had 15, Huntsman had 10, Drummond had four, Gary Johnson had three, and Michael Meehan had two.

On the Democrat ticket, Obama recied 198 votes for 81 percent. Uncommitted delegates received 28 votes or 11 percent. Terry had 12 votes for 5 percent. Richardson had four votes, and Wolfe had three.

On the Libertarian ticket, Ogle received both votes cast.

One vote was cast for an uncommitted delegate on the Constitution Party.

Individual precinct vote totals for Lawrence County were not available on election night.

Missouri totals

Statewide tallies for Republican candidates follow: Santorum 138,681 (55 percent), Romney 63,709 (25 percent), Paul 30,584 (12 percent), uncommitted 9,841 (4 percent), Perry 2,454 (1 percent), Cain 2,309, Bachmann 1,686, Huntsman 1,044, Johnson 547, Meehan 362, Drummond 362.

Totals for Democrats in Missouri follow: Obama 64,338 (88 percent), uncommitted 4,582 (6 percent), Terry 2,012 (3 percent), Wolfe 1,019 (1.4 percent), Richardson 892 (1.2 percent).

Libertarian candidate Ogle received 507 statewide votes for 53 percent. The rest went to uncommitted delegates.

The Constitution Party had 475 votes, all for uncommitted delegates.

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