Pierce City council reviews street repair projects

Friday, December 16, 2011

Pierce City aldermen approved an ordinance calling for an election to be held April 3 to fill the seats of the city's mayor and four aldermen.

Vacancies will include Mayor Allen Stockton's seat and one person in each of the city's four wards. Those include John Archer, Ward 1; Scott Wahl, Ward 2; Dana Stanphill, Ward 3; and Cory Sooter, Ward 4.

Filing for those positions got underway on Dec. 13 and will continue through Jan. 17.

Filing fees are $5 for mayor and $1 for aldermen.

Cecilia Blinzler, a Pierce City resident, requested aldermen consider repairing or paving N. Pine Street, providing photo evidence of the street's state of disrepair.

"I have lived there since 1972 and it has never been touched," Blinzler said. "We were promised something would be done before the May 4, 2003 tornado."

Stockton said repairs would be made to make the street drivable as soon as possible.

Stockton also reported to aldermen the status on street repairs.

City employees have been patching holes and officers with the police department have been noting what street signs are in disrepair or missing.

"It's important that we get those signs up for the ambulance responding to emergency calls," Stockton said. "They know to come down [Highway] 97, but don't know where the streets are when signs are missing."

Pierce City Police officials conducted a checkpoint in November, and chief Mike Abramovitz reported the event went well.

Officers reported stopping one person who was driving while intoxicated, three people driving while their licenses were suspended; three people driving with no driver's licenses; and made two warrant arrests during the checkpoint.

In his report to aldermen, Jeff Riekhof, of Clearwater Environmental in Springfield, recommended purchasing a $1,707 pump from Enviroline to use at the Monroe Street lift station.

Riekhof also reported having a lot of debris build up on a bar screen at the wastewater treatment plant. He recommended adding a mechanical bar screen be incorporated into the ultra-violet light project.

In other business, Stockton reported having a call in to Blue Water Pools, of Springfield, to discuss changing the filtration tank on the municipal swimming pool. Stockton said he would report those findings at a later date.

Glo Abramovitz, Pierce City Emergency Management Director, reported that the storm siren protocol has been signed by herself, the mayor and Fire Chief Andy Hogenmiller.

Glo also reported the siren located at Pierce City High School did not sound during the last test of the emergency system. She has requested the siren be repaired.

The next regular meeting of the Pierce City Board of Aldermen will be at 7 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 9 at City Hall.

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