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Sales tax shows a sharp rise

Friday, September 30, 2011

Sales tax income in the bi-county area shot up sharply in September from a year ago. The largest disbursement of funds this year brought improved receipts to both counties and nine of the 11 cities.

Receipts for Monett jumped by 20 percent. Income from the four taxes increased by $60,325, and of that, $35,030 went into the general fund. The best September showing in three years brought the six-month general fund total to $966,777.19, within $30,000 of the fiscal year record pace set in 2008.

Similar increases were seen in receipts for Monett's other taxes. For 2011, the general fund has generated $1,359,544.02, almost $80,000 or 6 percent ahead of last year's pace, but still $74,000 below the calendar year record pace set in 2007.

Better receipts in Pierce City made up all but about $22 from the large drop incurred in August on each of the city's older half-cent taxes. The city's old seven-eighths of a cent sales tax had its best showing since before the economic downturn in 2008. With the new half-cent tax added to the general fund, a new record of $11,193.71 was set, topping the 2008 total by $1,171.67.

Receipts from Pierce City's taxes for the general fund, streets and capital improvements ran $8,502.67 higher than a year ago. The new quarter-cent taxes for the fire department and parks added another $4,070.54 to city coffers. Taxes collecting the same rate as last year are up 17 percent in collections for 2011. The enhanced general fund has collected $74,942.24 for the year, nearly $25,000 or one-and-a-half times last year's collections.

Purdy's tax receipts were almost dead even with last year. The one-cent tax funding general expenses yielded $6,040.08, down $16.18 from last year. Purdy's three taxes took in $103.03 less than a year ago. Purdy's general fund receipts have been down slightly each year in September since a high of $7,440.93 in 2008. General fund collections for 2011 are running about $1,300 or 3 percent ahead of last year's pace.

The division of Purdy's second one-cent sales tax into two half-cent taxes in early 2010 left unpaid taxes on the sunsetted tax that the city collects gradually. After receiving only $74.95 on the old tax through August, Purdy received an unexpceted $12,012.38 in catch-up payments in September, an amount equal to two months of full tax payments.

Verona was one of the three towns falling short of last September's tally. Verona's one-cent sales tax for general expenses produced $3,447.07 for the month, down $953.80 from a year ago.

Six months into the current fiscal year, Verona's general fund receipts have totaled $17,822.58, the best since 2007, up 15 percent from last year and the fourth best on record. Receipts from Verona's three taxes for 2011 are up more than $4,000 or 9 percent from a year ago.

Total sales tax coming into the bi-county area, not counting the Barry County 911 tax, added up to $2,032,316.27 in September. Comparing the same taxes collected a year ago, the total is up by 20 percent.

Collections from the six Lawrence County cities receiving sales tax revenues grew by 23 percent from last September. Only Verona and Miller failed to top numbers from a year ago.

After three quarters of 2011, general fund receipts for the other cities compare with last year as follows: Aurora, up 7 percent; Marionville, up 21 percent; Miller, down 4 percent; and Mt. Vernon, up 7 percent.

The seven Barry County cities receiving sales tax saw collections rise by 7 percent over a year ago. Only Washburn banked less than last September. For 2011, city totals compared to last year follow: Cassville, up .6 percent; Exeter, down 10 percent; Seligman, up 9 percent; Washburn, up .7 percent; and Wheaton, up 2 percent.

Each of Lawrence County's three half-cent taxes brought in 26 percent more than a year ago. Total revenue increased by $94,902.53. Receipts for 2011 are up 6 percent after three quarters.

Barry County's two half-cent sales taxes each generated 14 percent more in September than a year ago. Total income rose by $55,078.36, and income for the year is up by 3 percent.

The quarter-cent tax funding Barry County's 911 service generated $108,611.64 in September, up 14 percent from a year ago. Collections for the first three quarters of 2011 are up by 3 percent.

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