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Monett airport activity continues to soar

Thursday, January 6, 2011

One of the biggest planes to fly into Monett in the past year was the 70,000-pound Gulfstream 4, shown above, that brought vendors from New York City to do business with EFCO and Pella. Howard Frazier, airport superintendent, said the plane's tail was higher than the city's hangar at left and took 1,500 gallons of fuel to refill. Sticker price on a new Gulfstream 4 is around $45 million. Frazier said the city's master plan has targeted building a 6,000-foot runway to be able to accommodate large planes, which now can only land in Monett during favorable weather conditions. [Photo courtesy of Howard Frazier]
Monthly activity at the Monett Municipal Airport continued to rise sharply through the end of 2010. The year-end flight total showed a new record for the six years documented by the city and a jump of 36 percent over last year.

Numbers listed reflect either a take-off or a landing at the Monett airport during weekday business hours. According to Airport Superintendent Howard Frazier, additional evening and weekend activity could double the numbers.

Planes owned by EFCO and Jack Henry and Associates made 225 flights from Oct. 1 to Dec, 31. The total represented a 33 percent increase over the last quarter of 2009 but was significantly less than the 339 peak logged in 2007. On average, the local corporations flew more than 75 flights a month in 2010, up from 54 a year ago. Prior to 2008, the two companies averaged more than 100 flights a month.

Flights identified as coming to Monett for business purposes totaled 130 for the quarter, the largest number on record for the last quarter of the year and up 69 percent from a year ago. The monthly average of nearly 60 business flights into Monett ran about 15 flights a month more than in 2007 but well under the 94-a-month peak in 2005.

Local corporate flights and business flights originating outside Monett totaled 351 for the quarter, up 43 percent from a year ago. The year's total of 1,614 was up 53 percent from 2009 but still under the 2,455 peak in 2005.

Flights by private planes hangared in Monett, which Frazier said have shifted more into business use, totaled 383 for the last quarter of the year, more than two-and-a-half times the total a year ago. Hangared planes made 1,296 flights for an average of 108 a month in 2010. In 2009 the total was 758 or an average of 53 per month. The previous record from 2005 was 807 or 67 a month.

Flights coming into Monett not identified as business oriented totaled 790 for the quarter, up 47 percent from a year ago. These included planes flying into Monett to buy aviation fuel.

Non-business flights originating out-of-town added up to 3,126 or more than 260 a month, the largest single classification of flights at the airport. The total represented an 18 percent boost over the old record from 2009 when 2,635 flights or almost 220 a month were recorded.

The total number of flights not identified as business oriented or coming from a non-corporate plane hangared in Monett totaled 1,173 for the quarter, up nearly 73 percent from a year ago. For 2010, the total was 1,524, up 65 percent from 2009 and up 19 flights from the old record in 2005.

All the recorded weekday flights at the airport added up to 6,035 in 2010, up more than 1,500 flights from 2009. The total represented the busiest year since the city started keeping records, topping the old peak in 2005 by almost 18 percent.

According to City Administrator Dennis Pyle, net income from aviation fuel sales at the airport added up to $99,964.25 in 2010.

Pyle and Mayor Jim Orr conducted a routine visit to the airport on Tuesday. They looked at the new carpet and tile that had been installed in the terminal and viewed the fuel tanks that had been re-painted over the summer. They also assessed how the city is providing leased space in its B Hangar for private planes.

"Everything looked very organized, neat and well maintained at the airport," Pyle reported.

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