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Sales tax takes dip in September

Friday, October 1, 2010

For the second consecutive month, sales tax revenue in the bi-county area dropped below receipts from a year ago, but third quarter revenues for the area are showing slight improvement as the year progresses.

Monett had the largest drop in sales tax income of any bi-county town for the month of September. Monett's two sales taxes for general expenses brought in $170,294.75, down $19,659.15 from last September. Monett's four taxes for the month brought in $34,810.12 less than a year ago.

Six months into the current fiscal year, Monett's general fund tax has brought in $13,769 more than last year's pace, but receipts are running $50,000 below what was received in 2006 and $114,200 under Monett's sales tax peak in 2008.

In 2010, Monett's general fund taxes have added $1,280,227.54 to city coffers. The nine-month total is down 2 percent from a year ago, but in June the six-month total was down 3 percent. A similar pattern is found in several other cities.

Pierce City, for example, had its general fund total for the year down 5 percent in June but down only 4 percent in September. Pierce City's tax for general expenses generated $5,054.86, the smallest September payment since 2003 and a drop of $1,762.80 from a year ago. The five-month fiscal year total is within $103 of last year's pace.

Purdy's three sales tax dropped by a total of $1,293.28 in September, the fifth time for a drop compared to 2009 this year. Income for the general fund has kept growing, up 8 percent by June and up 11 percent by September.

Verona had gains for the second consecutive month. Verona's three sales taxes received $2,294.48 more in September than a year ago. The general fund total was down 23 percent compared to 2009 in June, and by September the drop has been reduced to 14 percent.

Sales tax income for the bi-county area, not counting Barry County's 911 tax, added up to $1676,665.06 for the month, down 5 percent from a year ago. In comparison, the September 2009 total was down 12 percent from the 2008 total.

The six Lawrence County cities collecting sales tax were down $2,835.65 or 1 percent from a year ago. Mt. Vernon gained $5,945.43 on its three taxes over a year ago. Aurora's three taxes were up by $213.98.

So far in 2010, Aurora's general fund total is down 2 percent from a year ago, compared to a drop of 4 percent in June. Miller showed the opposite trend, going from a 5 percent drop by June to an 8 percent decline by September. Marionville was down 5 percent in June and fell to 6 percent by September.

The seven Barry County cities getting sales tax were down $39,035 or 7 percent for the month. Only Seligman topped last September's numbers, showing a $5,242.96 gain for the month.

Cassville remained at 3 percent below 2009, the same as in June. Washburn and Wheaton are still running ahead of last year but both dropped slightly lower than the June percentage by September. Exeter, which was running 3 percent above the 2009 tally in June, had a 6 percent gain by September despite a drop for the month.

Income from Lawrence County's three sales taxes for general operations, roads and the Justice Center dropped $18,858.24 from last September. The 2010 total is down 3 percent from last year's pace, the same as in June.

Barry County's two sales taxes got $29,983.30 less than last September. Compared to last year's pace, Barry County's general fund income is only $5,000 behind, still less than half a percent.

The quarter-cent tax that funds Barry County's 911 system received $94,843.32 in September, a drop of $7,233 from a year ago. Income for 2010 is only $1,650 less for 911 services than a year ago.

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