Springfield Livestock Marketing Center: Cow and Bull Auction Close for 7/26/10

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Receipts:   635    Last Week:  421    Last Year:   512

   Compared to last Monday, slaughter cows sold steady, while slaughter
bulls sold steady to as much as 7.00 higher. Supply light. Demand good to
very good. Today’s offering had several bred cows and cow-calf pairs in
the mix that found new homes.

   Slaughter Cows:
          Percent Lean       Bulk        Hi Dressing    Lo Dressing
Breaking         70-80    58.00-60.50    61.00-63.50    52.00-55.00
Boning           80-85    53.00-57.50    59.00-64.50    47.50-52.00
Lean             85-90    43.50-48.50    49.00-52.50    37.00-42.00
                                                 Shelly 29.00-35.50

   Slaughter Bulls:  Yield Grade 1-2
1045-2380 lbs             70.00-78.00    80.00-85.50    62.50-69.50
                                     Ind 87.50                     

   Feeder/Stocker Cows:  Medium and Large 1-2  1yr-4yr 680-1130 lbs

   Bred Cows:  Medium and Large 1  2 yrs to short solid 1112-1440 lbs
2nd to 3rd stage 800.00-960.00 per head. Medium and Large 1-2  3yrs to
Broken mouth 1010-1398 lbs 2nd to 3rd stage 610.00-785.00 per head.

   Cow/Calf Pairs:  Medium and Large 1  2yrs-short solid 1050-1830 lbs
With baby to 450 lb calves at side and most cows bred back in 1st to 2nd
Stage 1010.00-1335.00 per pair. Several broken mouth 1406-1600 lbs with
175-350 lb calves at side and most cows bred back in 1st stage 950.00-
1035.00 per pair. Medium and Large 1-2  2yrs-broken mouth 920-1545 lbs
With baby to 400 lb calves at side and some cows bred back in 1st to 2nd
Stage 700.00-960.00 per pair.

Source:  Missouri Dept of Ag-USDA Market News Service, Springfield, MO
         Brian K. Fleischmann Market Reporter, 573-751-5618
         24 Hour Market line number 1-573-522-9244

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