Missouri Weekly Hay Summary and Fescue Seed Report- Week ending 06/11/10

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rains kept most farmers out of the fields this week as days suitable for 
haying were slim. Hay tedders have been quite useful as some farmers have 
tried to squeeze in a field here and there between rains and shorten curing
time as much as possible. The supply of hay is moderate, demand moderate, 
and prices steady. Missouri Department of Agriculture has a hay directory 
available for both buyers and sellers. To be listed, or for a directory, 
visit, http://mda.mo.gov/abd/haydirectory (All prices f.o.b. and per ton 
unless specified and on most recent reported sales prices listed as round 
bales based generally on 5x6 bales with weights of approximately 1200-1500 

Supreme quality Alfalfa (RFV>185) 150.00-185.00 
Premium quality Alfalfa (RFV170-180) 140.00-175.00 
Fair to Good quality Alfalfa (RFV130-170) large round bales 75.00-140.00 
Small, Large squares 90.00-150.00 
Good quality mixed Alfalfa and grass small square bales 3.50-5.00 per bale; 
30.00-60.00 per large round bale.

Good to Premium quality Prairie hay mostly small squares 80.00-125.00
Fair to good quality Prairie hay mostly large round bales 35.00-75.00

Good to Premium quality Brome 90.00-150.00; Good quality Brome 50.00-120.00
Fair quality Brome some mixed with grass 30.00-50.00 per large round bale

Good to Premium Mixed Grass hay 60.00-120.00 
Good quality Mixed Grass hay 40.00-80.00 
Fair to Good quality Mixed Grass hay 15.00-40.00 per large round bale

Fair to Good quality Bluestem 40.00 per large round bale

Fair to Good quality Bermuda grass 70.00-100.00 per ton

Good quality Timothy Hay 3.50-5.00 per small square bale

Wheat straw 2.00-4.00 per small square bale

Missouri Regional Fescue Seed Prices - Week ending 06/11/10

   Buying stations are gearing up and preparing for Fescue Season. Generally 
most locations are expecting seed cutting to start in a week to ten days. 
The potential for a decent harvest exist fields look to have an average 
amount of seed but heavy rains have begin to mat down some fields which 
could make harvesting difficult. The rains have prevented some farmers from 
haying ground which could lead to more acres harvested if farmers still 
havenít been able to hay by the time seed is ready for cutting. Preseason 
prices are reported as steady with the end of last season with an average 
amount of carryover from last year and a decent potential harvest possible 
there just are not enough factors to sway the market one way or the other at 
the current time. 

(Dry: Moisture 12-14% - Wet: Moisture greater than 14%)  (Prices per lb.) 
Southwest, Northeast, Central, South Central, Northwest, 
and Southeast: .18 wet, .20 dry;

Source: MO Dept of Ag-USDA Market News Service, Jefferson City, MO
        Tony Hancock, Market Reporter, 573-751-5618
        24 Hour Recorded Report 1-573-522-9244

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