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Springfield-Springfield Livestock Marketing Center: Cow and Bull Auction Close for 3/22/10

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Receipts:  317   Last Week: 668   Last Year:  696

   Compared to last Monday, the bulk of slaughter cows sold 1.00-2.00
higher with a few instances 3.00 higher and slaughter bulls sold 2.00-3.00
higher. The offering included a high percent of cull dairy cows. The supply
of bred cows and cow/calf pairs was very light with most pairs traded being
short and solid mouth to aged cows. A late winter or early spring storm
which hit most of the area Saturday into Sunday morning, with the heaviest
amounts of ice and snow to the west of Springfield, greatly limited receipts
as well as the depth of quality of cattle traded today. The supply was light
and demand very good for slaughter classes.

   Slaughter Cows:
             Pct Lean        Bulk       Hi Dressing    Lo Dressing
Breaking     70-80       51.50-56.50    55.50-59.50    48.00-52.00
Boning       80-85       49.00-55.00    55.00-62.50    42.50-50.50
Lean         85-90       40.00-46.00    45.50-48.50    30.00-38.00

   Slaughter Bulls:  Yield Grade 1-2  1120-2205 lbs 63.50-70.00; high
dressing 73.00-76.50; low dressing 57.00-65.00.

   Feeder/Stocker Cows:  Medium and Large 1-2  1 1/2-3 yrs 890-1015 lbs
61.00-78.00, 810 lb indiv. 82.50; 3-7 yrs few 865-1285 lbs 48.00-60.00.

   Bred Cows:  Medium and Large 1-2  2-7 yrs 2nd and 3rd stage 1030-1175 lbs
660.00-800.00, 1st stage 1065-1280 lbs 635.00-735.00; short and solid mouth
to aged 3rd stage 1140-1315 lbs 525.00-675.00. Medium and Large 2  6 yrs to
short and solid mouth 2nd stage couple 905-1085 lbs 510.00-560.00. Medium
1-2  6 yr 2nd stage 1005 lb indiv. 565.00, 1st stage 935 lb indiv. 450.00.

   Cow/Calf Pairs:  Medium and Large 1-2  6 yr 1180 lb cow w/145 lb calf
850.00; short and solid mouth to aged 1080-1125 lb cows w/babies to 210 lb
calves and some rebred 635.00-750.00. Medium 1-2  2 yrs to short and solid
mouth 950-1040 lb cows w/140-295 lb calves and several rebred 1st and 2nd
stage 735.00-875.00.

Source:  Missouri Dept of Ag-USDA Market News Service, Springfield, MO
         Don Kleiboeker Market Reporter, 573-751-5618
         24 Hour Market line number 1-573-522-9244

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