Monett School Board gets construction porject update

Thursday, October 1, 2009
Work crews for Sides Construction placed the roof on the extended canopy running from the entrance to Monett High School to the student parking lot on Tuesday. Plans call for completing the canopy across the lot to the new addition at the Southwest Area Career Center, which will open for classes after the Christmas break. [Times Photo by Murray Bishoff]]

Plans for facility improvements for the Monett R-1 School District took greater shape at the September board meeting as details were reviewed with architects.

Pam Haldeman and Jim Stufflebeam, from Sapp Design Architects, brought preliminary schematics to update board members on changes under consideration at Monett Elementary School. Superintendent Dr. John Jungmann said the plans offered more definition than Haldeman's initial proposal on how to enclose the campus.

Added to the drawings is the board's proposal to add a storm shelter to the campus. Jungmann said the application for funding through the Federal Emergency Management Agency should be acted upon in the next 60 days.

"We had a great conversation on what we'd like to see the campus look like in the future," Jungmann said. "Fundamentally the approach is the same----to enclose as many of the buildings as possible. We don't know if we will connect them all or keep using all the buildings. It may be more cost effective to add new space than to connect every building. We need to look at it all in the big scheme of things."

Sapp's architects will likely return to each meeting for the next few months as the plan takes shape, said the superintendent. A survey crew has also been hired to measure the elementary campus for elevation as part of the building plan.

Board members spent time reviewing the district improvement list, which details needs from each campus. Jungmann said projects points will be prioritized over the next 12 months.

One change board members decided to pursue is relocation of the office at Central Park Elementary. Instead of remaining in the center of the building, the office will move to the southwest corner, into a classroom no longer in use.

As a result, Jungmann said, the southwest entrance will become the main entry into the school. The east entrance, on Seventh Street, will remain as the drop-off and pick-up point for buses but will be locked during the day. The southwest entrance, which is presently locked, will remain open once the office moves.

Moving the office will provide better security and a full view of the entrance, not presently available, Jungmann said. Relocation will be done over the summer.

A sidewalk replacement will also take place at the middle school. and Central Park Elementary. Jungmann said a number of sidewalks are cracking. Where city streets border the walks, the district will join in a cost-share effort with the city.

Jungmann said the district will provide supplies, and the city will build walks with street department crews. Sidewalks running across campus needing replacement will be paid for fully by the district.

Construction on the four new classrooms at the Southwest Area Career Center are well ahead of schedule, the superintendent reported. Most of the work should be finished in another 30 days. The construction technology class has also started building its own classroom inside the new building shell erected over the summer.

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