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Freistatt board continues work on highway crosswalk

Friday, June 26, 2009

Plans for a crosswalk and a proposed sidewalk by the Freistatt Post Office will move forward but somewhat differently, according to the report made at the Freistatt Village Board's June meeting.

Trustee Brian Paynter reported he and engineer Kevin Sprenkle spent around three hours studying the plan for the proposed crosswalk over Highway H and the new sidewalk to run from the crosswalk west to the senior citizen apartments. Most of their attention focused on the sidewalk, planned for the north side of Third Street, north of the Farmers Exchange building.

No problems were found with the crosswalk itself on Highway H, Paynter said. However, since the vicinity of the crosswalk already pools stormwater run-off, and the terrain seems too flat to divert the water elsewhere. Adding more run-off looked like the worst solution to the problem.

Sprenkle concluded building up the proposed sidewalk or adding a curb along the north side of Third Street to separate the sidewalk from the roadway would funnel rain draining off the nearby farm field into Highway H. An added sidewalk would not help the situation.

Cutting down Third Street to improve water flow was ruled out, Paynter said, because of a sewer line located along the course of the sidewalk. To get around both problems, Sprenkle recommended painting the crosswalk onto Highway H and the existing roadway on Third Street past the sewer main.

From that point, a sidewalk could be built in the yards beside the road back to the senior apartments. The sidewalk would be built at a 10-degree pitch to allow stormwater to drain. Paynter pointed out the other sidewalks around Freistatt have been built the same way, without any curbs. Getting right-of-ways for the sidewalk did not appear to be a problem, he said.

"It's not what I was hoping for," Paynter said. "I wanted a five-foot sidewalk. I don't see it happening."

Sprenkle agreed to work up plans for the sidewalk in 100-foot increments so the village board could bid it in sections, depending on available funds. A special board meeting will be scheduled to review and approve his plans later this month.

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) had agreed to stripe the sidewalk in place on Highway H. The village would have to hire a contractor to paint the remaining striping plus pass an ordinance and post signs restricting parking along the length of the crosswalk.

Sprenkle planned to solicit bids for the work from contractors he knew who do such work, thus saving the village the cost of advertising. If MoDOT could issue a permit for the crosswalk by the board's July 9 meeting, Paynter said action could be taken next month to have the crosswalk operating by the time school resumes in August.

Board members spent much of the meeting talking about infrastructure. Mayor Mike Ortwein reported there was no meter on the fire station, according to the Freistatt Fire Association. Firefighters disliked the idea of buying a fire hydrant meter to measure the water loaded onto trucks. In case of a fire, trucks needed to be refilled as quickly as possible and running into the station to bring out a meter would only delay their work.

Firefighters instead offered to keep a log of refills in each truck. Ortwein said the firemen felt confident that recording a full tank would closely reflect actual use. Trustees passed a resolution to have firemen record the water they used.

A letter received from MoDOT asking to have trees trimmed away from stop signs or speed limit signs perplexed trustees. No signs were known to be blocked. Trustees asked to have a letter written back to MoDOT asking for specifics. Some issues may be outside the city limits and need to be handled by the Freistatt Special Road District, they said.

In other maintenance issues, water operator Charlie Ingram reported he was now flushing water twice a month from hydrants as directed by the trustees. He said dumping 100,000 gallons out of the uninterrupted north-south main had to impact the stagnation problem.

Trustees talked about two properties in town where owners have been directed to clean up and mow. Progress on both was deemed minimal. Trustees asked to have letters again written to the owners urging more effort.

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